May Coffeehouse with Brian Carmona

Join us on Friday, May 10th at 7:30pm for the Second Friday Coffeehouse in Molly’s Cafe on floor 3 1/2 (take the elevator to the third floor and walk up half a flight). Admission is always free, and coffee and homemade lemon squares are available for purchase. All are welcome!

A first-generation American whose mother hails from Colombia and the product of a musical family, Carmona’s a soulful vocalist. He picked up the six-string at age 11 and developed his own distinctive style, influenced most by the three Kings — B.B., Freddie and Albert, Carlos Santana, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix while also playing drums, bongos and other percussion instruments along the way. Carmona is rooted in the past and it’s clear he learned his moves from musicians some three generations ago. Brian emphasizes how the American roots of music is grounded with the ‘60s notion of blues and soul, all filtered through the prism of ‘70s classic rock. Which isn’t to say Carmona ignores the straight stuff: much of his original music is modern- His roots are just that- roots, not anchors, allowing the group to grow, often in unexpected and quietly thrilling ways.